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Fruit Gardening Diary... February
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  - Hints & Tips on what needs to be done in the fruit garden during February!

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February fruit gardening in the UK - Late Winter - Garden jobs to be done during February
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Compost is the best organic fertiliser you can give to help your plants and flowers thrive in your garden. Making your own compost not only saves money but can bring your garden to life over time.
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The Fruit Gardener's Diary - February

February is the time to cut back and to feed certain plants and trees in the fruit garden. Doing things at the right time of the year ensures that your crops get the best possible start in the growing season.

February is the time to:

Things to do:

- Cut back raspberry canes planted in the Autumn or winter to about 6 inches
- Blackcurrants planted during the past 4 or 5 months should be pruned back to within 2 inches of the soil
- Feed apple and pear trees with appropriate fertilizers


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