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How To Grow Beetroot...
  - Hints & Tips on how to grow perfect beetroot in the UK!


Beetroot can be boiled, pickled or preserved - an ideal veg to grow in your garden
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Growing Fruit Growing Beetroot - A simple guide to growing beets!

Growing The Right Fruit

There are many varieties of beetroot, more than most of us realise. Apart from the standard round, purple beets that we see in supermarkets, there are yellow ones, red ones and even stripey ones, They come in all shapes and sizes and are best eaten when they are young and sweet.

Disease Free Vegetables
Fresh beetroot

Did you know..... The young leaves of beetroots can be eaten too? Try them in a salad or steam lightly.

Step by step guide to growing your own beetroot

Prepare your site

Beetroot prefer to be grown in light, sandy soil in a sunny position, but can tolerate pretty much any sort of soil. Prepare your site by digging in well-rotted manure or compost well before planting.

When to plant beetroot

Beetroots can be grown from early spring onwards if grown indoors or undercover. Seeds can be planted directly into the ground after the threat of frost has passed. It is best to sow a handful a time to ensure that you maintain a successive crop.

How to sow beetroot

Beetroot seeds can sometimes be difficult to germinate, as they are quite hard. To overcome this, soak them in warm water for half an hour or so to soften them.

Undercover sowing: Sow 2 or 3 seeds per pot, at a depth of 1 inch. Thin out the weakest and transplant the strongest seedlings when they are about 2 inches tall.

Outdoor sowing: It is best to sow beetroot seeds directly into the ground when the temperature of the soil has warmed to about 7°C.

Beetroot row Bunch of beetroot

Beetroot seedlings need to be thinned out, and the spacing is quite important. If you wish to grow small, pickling size beets, they need to be sown quite close together, about 2 inches apart, in rows 6 inches apart. If you wish to grow standard size beetroots, then sow about 4 inches apart. Rows should be at least 12 inches apart.

Routine care of beetroot

Once the roots have developed and they start to swell, beetroots only need to be watered moderately. Don't overwater as this only encourages leaf growth and not bulb growh. Keep the rows weed free.

When to harvest beetroot

If sown in succession, it is possible to harvest beetroot throughout the summer and autumn months. Beetroots are ready to be picked when they are the size of a golf ball. Pull from all along the row and not just in one place, as this thins out the rows, allowing more space for the other beetroot to grow.

Beetroot leaves lovely in a salad

Storing beetroot for later use

Beetroot can easily be stored for later use, and the most common method is by pickling them in vinegar.

Recommended varieties of beetroot

'Bolthardy' beetroot : A beetroot that is ideal for the beginner, as it is bolt resistant and doesn't go to seed that easily.These beetroots are round in shape with a deep purple colour.

'Forono' beetroot : A purple beetroot that is oval in shape.

'Chioggia' beetroot : A stunning beetroot that looks amazing when sliced open. It offers red and white, stripey rings, and looks great when pickled.

Beetroot Recipes.....

Beetroot Mousse | Beetroot & Potato Pie | Beetroot Relish | Beetroot Salad | Shredded Beetroot Pickle |


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