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From growing Buddleia bushes to attracting wildlife, How To Grow has the answers.
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The rose is native to the US. The oldest fossilized imprint of the rose was left on a slate deposit found in Florissant, Colorado. It is estimated to be 35 million years old.
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Growing Trees Growing a Buddleia (Buddleja)

Growing The Right Tree

Buddleja's are very easy to grow, all they need is to be planted into well drained soil and that it is given plenty of sunshine. Buddleia's can tolerate breezy spots, although this does tend to blow the flowers about, so try to give it a little shelter.

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Buddleia in Bloom
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Did you know..... Buddleia's are also known as Butterfly bushes, and, as the name suggests, they attract butterflies. This is due to the highly fragrant scent emitted from the banana shaped blooms.

New Budleja bush

Step by step guide to growing your own Buddleia

Prepare your site
Buddleia shrubs prefer to be planted in deep, loamy soil in a warm, sunny position

When to plant Buddleia
The best time to plant Buddleja bushes is either in October or April.

Buddleja bud

Routine care of Buddleia
Some varieties of Buddleia need hard pruning to ensure that the flowers grow freely and that it does not turn out too leggy. The best time to cut back a buddleja bush almost to it's base is in Spring. It may sound a bit harsh to cut it right back, but rest assured that the long flowering stems will grow back to give you a beautiful show of purple or white flowers during the summer months. If you prefer to have a larger Buddleia shrub in the garden, don't cut it right back in Spring, just make sure that all the dead wood is taken out.

Budleja bud from top

Recommended varieties of Buddleia

Buddleia alternifolia: This form of Buddleia can grow between 12 and 15ft tall, with slender, arching branches adorned with tiny lilac or purple flowers. Buddleia alternifolia is at it's best in early June

Buddleia davidii: The davidii buddleia is the most common grown buddleia, and is often referred to as the butterfly bush, because it's purple flower spikes are often covered with butterflies during the summer months. Buddleia davidii comes in various colours, including lavender, violet, deep purple, reddish-purple, blue or white.

Buddleia globosa: This Buddleja can grow upto 15ft tall and is a semi-evergreen bush, which needs very little pruning. As far as it's flowers are concerned, the Buddleia globosa is covered with bright orange, globular flowers which burst into life during mid summer.

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